About Dundee Sport

The founder of Dundee Sport, Dundee Kim, started from humble beginnings. Growing up in a farm in South Korea, he initially learning the art of boxing to protect himself from bullies. He eventually harnessed his skills to become a two-time amateur boxing. From there he migrated to Australia with little knowledge of English. But that didn’t stop him – he worked incredibly hard and eventually became the Associate Director of International Relations, and then the Regional Director of International Relations at James Cook University. He eventually became the founder of Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness gym in Brisbane.

Although it started off as a small, quiet gym in West End, Dundee’s fighting spirit and unique yet practical way of boxing and fitness rapidly caught wind. Soon, his gym would be visited by the likes of world boxing champions such as Anthony Mundine, Jeff Horn, Dennis Hogan and more.

He helped Jeff Horn win against Manny Pacquiao in the great Battle of Brisbane – Dundee was the Strength and Conditioning coach for Horn for 16 out of 20 of his fights in the past 6 years.

From the gym itself, Dundee and his team were able to create world fitness model champions and boxing medalists – from a fitness perspective, his gym continues to help turn people’s lives around in all aspects of life, whether through physical well-being, self-discipline and overall quality of life. Now, Dundee Sport is a premium supplier of sporting goods, fitness equipment, boxing equipment and sports apparel online.

Dundee Kim is also presently training Joel Camilleri, former Australian Champion, who recently went the long distance – 10 rounds – with Tim Tszyu.

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A Message from Dundee Kim

“All products from Dundee Sport undergo superior quality control and testing processes.

As a boxing coach for over 30 years, I’ve always been passionate about the quality of gloves. It has been 10 years since I started making gloves, and now I am finally happy to sell a glove that’s named after me.

In the past, a lot of boxers have complained about having sore thumbs, discomfort around their firsts, and the cloth around their gloves being torn.
All of these issues have been worked out almost perfectly.

Now I am very happy to be able to sell my gloves with confidence. I look forward to your support and happy with my quality boxing gloves.”

Dundee Kim

The Quality Difference

Every day, Dundee and his team work with people of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and goals. As a passionate athlete, ex-amateur boxer and fitness model, he knows which products work and don’t.

Recognising that there are too many sports brands marketing products that don’t take their end users in mind, Dundee worked with a number of talented professionals to craft high quality products specifically designed to boost your training process.

From finely padded boxing gloves made with 100% leather to quick-dry to focus pads, head gear and more, you’ll be sure to find sports apparel and equipment to suit your training needs.

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